Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reason for the Delay of Kate and Williams' Honeymoon

Kate and William, gave a surprise to everyone when the announced a delay in their honeymoon. The reason given is that William has to go to join his duty in North Wales. William works at RAF's Search and Rescue base at Anglesey.

He is asked to join work from Monday , and this call for duty has delayed the honeymoon.

Kate and William Likely to Go to Gibraltar and Middle East for Honeymoon

It is quite possible that Kate and William, following Princes of Wale's footsteps chose to to Gibraltar , and from there to the Middle East in a Cruise Ship.

The journey can start from the far south of England , from Hampshire.

Gaddafi's Son and Three Grandsons Killed in Nato Strikes

According to the reports, Gaddafi's  youngest son Saif Al-Arab is killed in recent Nato strikes. Three of his grandsons are also killed in the same incident. Gaddafi was in the house when NATO struck. 

Burlap Bags: the Only Belonging of the Killer

The only belongings of the alleged serial killer found by the police are burlap bags used to carry the victims for dumping. These bags can lead the police to the brutal serial killer of Long Island .

These bags show that the killer is a professional killer and not an ordinary person, for the idea of using burlap bags to dump bodies of the victims cannot occur to the mind of a non professional. Burlap bags are used worldwide by gangs and mafias to dump the bodies of victims. Mafias and gangs kill snitches and rivals , and dump their bodies in burlap bags.

The reason usually is they don't want vultures to gather above and around the corpse to reveal the presence of a dead body in the area.

The serial killer may have a criminal record, for this type of lust for murders and such a professional attitude cannot result from a sudden attack of madness, though there is no doubt that this person is mad.

One thing is established that he murdered according to a plan, and his act was not altogether impulsive. Another question is whether or not he kept victims as hostages for some days or for some time and then killed them. 

Use of burlap bags for dumping victims is a common practice among gangsters and secret agencies. The purpose is  to avoid postmortem humiliation of a corpse , to prevent the corpse from vultures . For vultures can  gather above a corpse in great numbers, revealing the presence of a dead body. This gives the idea that the murderer is a professional killer, not an ordinary man.

Now the question is what is the motive behind these murders? Surely this man has a deranged mind . Possibly avenging some kind of humiliation that he received from the society.So this man chooses defenseless victims; Prostitutes , who can easily be victimized. His method of killing demands a victim of a lesser physical strength.May be he kills when he does not have the money to pay , or he kills because he has a plan to kill?

This murderer chooses small girls, which shows that he knew his victims prior to meet them. For he obviously selects his victim. Another question is how many prostitutes he meets before killing one. Or he kills all those prostitutes who visit him? His plan never fails?

Kate and William Delayed their Honeymoon

May ,1, 2011,

Kate and William the newlywed Royal couple have delayed their honeymoon as William has to respond to a call for duty. William will be serving in Scotland from Monday. As a result , the couple has postponed their honeymoon. 

Rangers are Conducting Search Operation in Mehmoodabad Karachi

May, 1, 2011

Rangers are conducting a midnight search operation in the heavily populated area of Mehmoodabad. Previously rangers also conducted operation in Mangho Pir area. 

May Day on Sunday: Labor Organizations will Observe the Day to Revitalize the Labor Cause

May Day will be commemorated with zeal and enthusiasm throughout the world. 
May Day is celebrated to remember the historical effort by labor organization in Chicago during the 1880’s. It was in 1884, that from 1st of May 1886 and onwards, working day will be of 08 hours.  Workers in those days were forced to work for as many hours as the employer wanted them to work.

The struggle between labors and authorities; authorities who were defending the interests of the employers, started in 1886. Agitations were recorded in the city of Chicago, and authorities tried to suppress this agitation through the use of force.  And it was at least on two occasions that army and police opened fire on the protestors, killing many of them, and they also raided the residential areas of workers, and arrested them in a great number.

This suppressive tactic, instead eradicating eight hour movement, made it one of the most memorable and significant labor movements of the world. In most of the countries of the world, May 1st is a holiday, and workers commemorate the sacrifices of Chicago labors , who sacrificed their lives for the cause of labor.

MQM to Observe Mourning Day Tomorrow

April 30, 2011

MQM Rabta Committee anounced a one day Yom-e-Soog, on the killing of an ex MPA of MQM. Liaquat Ali Qureshi was killed yesterday by unknown gunmen when he was travelling on Abul Isphahani Road.

Rabta Committee demanded the arrest of alleged target killers and warned that if government did not take action the People would take the matter in their hands.

Strike Observed in Sindh on Alleged Pre Census Rigging

According to the news reports a complete strike was observed in the Province of excluding Karachi, on the issue of pre census rigging. Nationalist Sindhi Party , with the convener of Census monitoring committee Jalal Mehmood Shah, observed the strike.

According to nationalist Party point of view, current Census is a plan to convert Sindhi speaking population into a minority in Sindh. 

William and Kate: Honeymoon Place

There are so many speculations about where Kate and William may go for the honeymoon. There are so many choices they have. But they can not choose the venue where Princess  of Wales , Diana, went for her honeymoon; Hampshire Mountbatten house and then a journey from Gibraltar to Egypt on the warm Mediterranean waters.

The other choices they have are somewhere on white sand beaches of Indian and Pacific ocean.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is Expecting

According to the news , Aishwarya Rai is pregnant . On the other hand Aishwaraya denies that she is pregnant , but journalists are adamant in their judgment . Aishwarya is wrapping up wer work and she is most likely to complete shootings before the expected date.

Earlier Aishwaraya said that she and Abhishek have no gender preference, and they will happily accept a boy or a girl.

ISI and Pakistan Military not Happy with Patraeus' New Job

According to certain reports, Pakistan's armed forces and ISI are not happy with the appointment of Patraeus as CIA chief. Patraeus is know for his opposition for Pakistan, and he accuses Pakistani intelligence agency for open cooperation with Taliban and specially Haqqani group. 

It is also claimed that the increase in drone attacks in recent days is just because of Patraeus' insistence. Patraeus is not reckoned as a friend among Pakistani military leadership.

General David Patraeus' is going to take charge as the new CIA chief , in September 2011. Given the recent past of Patraeus, it is very easy to see that CIA will now focus mainly on Pakistan and Afghanistan. And according to certain reports , General Patraeus will fight his third war in Pakistan.

Patraeus has been involved in the war since 2007, when President Bush made him the commander of forces in Islamabad.

Patraeus is now commanding forces in Afghanistan , and it is because of his knowledge of the regions , that he is made CIA chief. Furthermore, being the commander of forces in Afghanistan, he must have a vision for what military has to achieve there, and what are the impediments in achieving these aims.

General Patraeus is known to have basic differences with CIA on the priorities. CIA mostly targets AL Qaeda , and don't have the knowledge of Taliban. On the other hand , being an Army Commander, he had to deal with Taliban all the time, and this had given him opportunity to know a lot about the enemy.

Choudhry Pervaz Elahi to Become Deputy Prime Minister

April 30, 2011: 13:44 PST
According to the news, Choudhry Pervaz Elahi is likely to become the Deputy Prime Minister of Pakistan. For this purpose constitution will be amended . Furthermore, a seat to seat arrangement is also made for the next election.

President met Faisal Sualeh  Hayat , yesterday to negotiate the terms of new coalition. The new Ministers will take oath during the next week.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Rangers are Conducting a Search Operation in Mangho Pir, Karachi

Rangers are conducting a search operation in the Mangho Pir area of Karachi. Mangho Pir has a majority of Baluch population , and other ethnicities also live there. Mangho Pir is among the oldest regions of Karachi.

According to news reports rangers have arrested 50 people and they have blocked the area so no one can go out of the area.

A Tropical Cyclone is Building Up in the Bay of Bengal

April 30, 2011 : 5:35: PST

According to the weather forecasts, there are possibilities of a tropical cyclone formation in the Indian ocean, near the Bay of Bengal. This cyclone will be formed in the earlier part of the next week, and in case it keeps gaining strength and moisture, it will have a landfall in the eastern Parts of the subcontinent.

The end of April and the whole month of May is known for serious cyclonic activities in the Indian ocean.  

Royal Wedding: A summary of the proceedings

Guests started coming, and it was a marvelous site to see celebrities, politicians, dignitaries and royal guests coming to the venue. Among the guests were famous musician Sir John Elton, who, when arrived the venue, received huge applaud from the noble gathering. Sir John Major ex prime minister and the Guardian of William and Harry after the death of their mother the beloved princess Lady Diana,   also arrived the venue. Prime Minister David Cameroon was also among those guests who received special reception from the crowd. Mr. and Mrs. David Beckham and Rowan Atkinson, Mr. Bean, were also among the guests, and remained the focus of attention. All these guests and others entered the venue, amidst huge cheers.

Prince William and harry came in a Royal car on which there was a golden crown fastened on the front above the wind screen. Prince Harry was wearing his blue elegant uniform of captain and William was wearing the red uniform of Colonel. Diana's sister was also sitting close to the stage where the ceremony had to take place. William talked to his aunt and smiled.Kate's mother also arrived escorted by guards, shortly after Harry and William.

The crowd was really enthusiastic when they saw the motor cad of Royal family heading towards the Westminster. Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, the father of William and Harry was there, and when he arrived he received a huge applaud from the people.
When the Queen's motor cad entered the venue, along with Prince Philip, there was a huge cheer and applauds in the crowd, showing how people of England loved the Queen. Queen of England is the only Queen remained on the face of this earth, enjoying the real stature of a Queen.

This wedding has shown that the nobility still has an upper edge, that no one from the House of Commons can ever achieve this stature and status. All the prime ministers of England appeared subordinated to the Queen and her majestic powers. Looking at the way people are valued in this wedding by the crowd, it became manifest that Royal family is still the main attraction for the people of England.

When the Queen entered the Westminster Abbey, music was played to honor her. When Kate
arrived the Westminster the choir was singing. Kate moved towards the altar, in a beautiful dress, slowly, her father Michael was with her. Kate Middleton, Her father, Harry and William were then stood at the altar together and everyone was singing with the choir.

Then the time came when in a conventional Christian manner Man and Woman took oaths to remain faithful and loving to each other. Kate was looking at William and she was looking awe-fully beautiful and gorgeous. 

William then, amidst the vows and oaths to remain faithful and loving to his wife ,  put the wedding ring in Kate's finger. The Bishop according to the tradition wrapped a cloth around the clasping hands of William and Kate. And then with the coronation music ringing Westminster, Kate and William became husband and wife.

.Kate and William then sat together and listened to the Lord Bishop. Lord Bishop of London, Dr. Charter’s speech came after a reading from Bible, New Testament, The Romans, by Kate's brother James.
Lord Bishop’s speech was actually a religious sermon on the subject of marriage. He said that marriage should transform the lives of husband and wife.
After this a few hymns were sung and then poet William Blake’s famous poem Jerusalem was sung. The music was being played and Kate and William and all others were quietly listening to it. .
The Queen of England, Elizabeth 2 and other guests than sung the national anthem of England, “God Save the Queen" with pride and love. After this national anthem Kate and William, now bride and groom would leave the place. 
Kate and William exited Westminster, in a stately manner. They exited Westminster amidst the cheers of the crowd. Both Kate and William were waving hands to the crowd. William the Future King and his wife Kate , the Queen of England, received lots and lots of love from the people standing on either side of the road.

Queen of England, Elizabeth 2, then exited Westminster Abbey with her husband Philip. They went towards Buckingham Palace, escorted by several horsemen, and this was a marvelous scene. 
Finally, according to English tradition, William and Kate came to the balcony of Buckingham Palace, where thousands of people were waiting for them. They were waving hands to these people and people were cheering them. There was a lot of noise, and there were so many people beneath the balcony.

William was in colonel's red color uniform, and Kate was wearing her wedding dress designed by fashion designer, Sarah Burton. Kate and William received so many titles on their wedding day from the Queen.  

Queen Makes Exit

Bride and groom are making exit from the venue. The high ceiling of Westminster are ringing with the music sound. The Queen of England is also about to exit Westminster. 

MQM Ex MPA Liaquat Qureshi Killed in Karachi

Liaquat Qureshi, an ex MPA of MQM, has been shot dead by target killers in Karachi today. He was travelling on Abul Isphahani road Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi, where either two persons on a motor bike , or in a car opened fire on him. He died at the spot.

Altaf Hussain and other members of MQM have shown their dejection over the murder of Liaquat Qureshi. MQM has urged the government to find out those behind the murder.

Pakistani Revolution: The great Game and the Present Reality of Pakistan

What is the present reality of Pakistan? This question should be answered and the answer to this question should be properly understood by the people of Pakistan.

Many people ask whether or not a revolution can occur in Pakistan? The answer is Pakistan is already undergoing a revolution. What then is this revolution?

A revolution like the French revolution , occurs when masses revolt against the rulers, with the help of a middle class. This kind of revolution is not possible in Pakistan, for masses are not contacted by the middle class. Middle class in Pakistan is facing unrest and problems, and they are weary of this situation, but they are not able to organize themselves to fight for the rights of their class. The proof for this can be found in Karachi, where traders and businessmen are facing problems in the hands of Mafia and government.Bourgeois(The capitalist as a middle class, for in Pakistan upper class is establishment and aristocracy) in Pakistan are not prepared to contact the lower class to confront elites.

These bourgeois , mostly traders and businessman. are agitating and recording their discontent, but they are not intellectually guided by any ideology that serves as a necessary and essential element in revolutions. Middle class in Pakistan is not literate enough to cause a revolution; neither they are politically and intellectually organized to protect the rights and existence of their community.

However, in Pakistan revolution is brought by aristocracy. Aristocracy , since it holds the electoral power and masses are with them, therefore with the help of masses , now they are able to challenge the establishment to grab some power out of their hands. In Pakistan , right from the day of its inception, establishment had the power, and they had imposed several marshal laws in the country and set bureaucratic governments. Aristocracy, not withstanding the fact that they control the masses, traditionally have never had a share in the state power commensurate to their stature.However, after the elections of 2008 things started changing and Aristocracy also gained some power.

In 2008, aristocracy joined hands and formed a coalition government. Pakistani aristocracy comprised feudal and barons , who exercise great influence in their property and fife. These landlords are heading the agricultural economy of Pakistan and in each election they get elected without any opposition from the middle or lower class. So , in Pakistan vote goes to these landlords alone. And despite their ability to gain votes, they have never enjoyed a decisive power in the country.

After the elections of 2008, these aristocrats snatched some power from the establishment, and this was made possibly by American thinkers like John Kerry, Richard Holbrook and other senators and congressman working for Pakistan.

So Pakistani revolution actually shifted some powers from the establishment towards the political aristocracy. Aristocracy , on the other hand , tried its best to reconcile their differences , and they did not use state machinery against each other this time. This strategy worked , and by now political aristocracy has gained a lot of space and power in Pakistan. Now establishment has also realized that they are not the only power center in Pakistan ; aristocracy also has power.

So, Pakistan is right now a battle ground of aristocracy and establishment, and in case aristocracy decides to have some decisive edge over the establishment, the establishment will react. But till now no signs of this reaction are apparent; for the political leadership is following a reconciliation policy.

President Zardari, when he came in power, clearly mentioned that he is going to follow his own philosophy, and no other insitution is going to play the role of Plato in Pakistan; Zardari said that he himself is Plato. And becoming the new philosopher and Plato of Pakistan, Zardari stuck to reconciliation politics, in which differences are not to be suppressed , but be allowed to exist side by side.

Zardari's philosophy gave political powers a great chance to get organized, but since political powers also have mutual differences, and on certain occasions differences with the establishment, therefore violence is ripe in Pakistan.

Each day many Pakistanis die due to the clashes between political parties, between political forces and establishment and between political activists and masses of different race and ethnicity . In Baluchistan liberation army kills civilians from other provinces, and government, according to its reconciliation politics , does not react. On the other hand politicians don't condemn these killings and say that this a reaction of long standing political suppression.

In Karachi dozens of people die each day in target killings and gang wars. But government does not react and does not use state machinery to stop this violence; that is because of the reconciliation philosophy of President Zardari. Each day Pakistanis die in drone attacks and terror incidents, but the government does not react , for it thinks and believes that powers should not be suppressed, and should be left alone to subside by themselves.

Pakistani government, according to some citizens does not even argue with international powers like America and India who are interfering in Baluchistan and other provinces. Neither they argue with the Arab governments who have a great influence over the religious organizations, who are responsible for sectarian violence and religious extremism.

This means that right now in Pakistan there are all sorts of powers, both internal and external acting to guard their interests in the region. External powers include America, India, China , Iran, and Arab countries. Pakistan government has reconciled with these powers , however,  on certain issues differences are also seen.

So, Pakistan is not in the hands of one power right now; it is in the hands of Pakistani political aristocracy, establishment, India, China, America, Iran and the Middle East; each power exercising its influence in the country. On the other hand ,President Zardari, since he does not want to engage a power in conflict with the state of Pakistan, does not react against anything, any infringement in the independence of Pakistan by external or internal powers. That is how he is able to reconcile with these powers with differing interests.

Middle east is acting against Iran with the help of America. Jindullah is a clear example of this cooperation. Jindullah is a terrorist organization funded by these powers; and that terrorist party is organized within the borders of Pakistan. Iran backs shia community in Pakistan against the sectarian violence funded by Arab states.

India is interfering in Baluchistan and in Khyber Pakhtunkhwah through Afghanistan, and they exercise a lot of influence in Baluchistan, where each day several Pakistanis die. America is active everywhere and directly interferes in government matters.

But by chance, Pakistan has the answer to all this great game of politics, in the form of President Zardari, who is smarter than any other politician or thinker, and who has really steered Pakistan through this ocean of problems, notwithstanding the fact that Pakistanis have a very low opinion of him.

His reconciliation politics will one day brought a real reconciliation in which all the differences will be automatically resolved; however, Pakistanis fear that in waiting for that day their own freedom can also be resolved.

So, the best things that Pakistanis can do , is to think in terms of the need of the day, and that need is to reconcile. However, in this reconciliation, for it goes beyond the limits of law and constitution , government at times allegedly goes against the constitution. In Pakistan on the other hand , due to judicial activism, constitution is considered as a categorical imperative, and no consequential interpretation of its laws is accepted. And Zaradari's government has to answer the supreme court , each day on many issues which in the eyes of the supreme court, and very rightly so, are transgressions from the constitution. These include NRO, formation of an independent election commission, appointment of judges and so on and so forth.

So , Pakistan is passing through a phase in which there are so many powers are acting against each other, with their own ideas and interests. And in this situation a government that does not have the power to respond with power, has only one choice left, and that is of reconciliation. And this is the only way out of these problems.  

Kate and William on the Balcony of Buckingham Palace

Finally, according to English tradition, William and Kate  have come to the balcony of Buckingham Palace, where thousands of people are waiting for them. They are waving hands to these people and people are cheering them. There is a lot of noise, and there are so many people beneath the balcony.

William is in colonel's red color uniform, and Kate is wearing her wedding dress designed by fashion designer, Sarah Burton.

Kate and William received so many titles on their wedding day from the Queen.  

Patraeus' Appointment As CIA Chief: CIA will Focus Pakistan and Afghanistan

General David Patraeus' is going to take charge as the new CIA chief , in September 2011. Given the recent past of Patraeus, it is very easy to see that CIA will now focus mainly on Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Patraeus has been involved in the war since 2007, when President Bush made him the commander of forces in Islamabad.

Patraeus is now commanding forces in Afghanistan , and it is because of knowledge of the regions , that he is made CIA chief. Furthermore, being the commander of foces in Afghanistan, he must have a vision for what military has to achieve there, and what are the impediments in achieving these aims.

General Patraeus is known to have basic differences with CIA on the priorities. CIA mostly follows AL Qaeda , and don't have the knowledge of Taliban. On the other hand , being an Army Commander, he had to deal with Taliban all the time, and this had given him opportunity to know a lot about the enemy.

Kate and William are Exiting Westminster

Kate and William are exiting Westminster, in a stately manner. They  are now exiting Westminster amidst the cheers of the crowd. Both Kate and William are waving hands to the crowd. William is the Future King , and her wife Kate will be the Queen of England.

The procession is welcomed by the people standing on either side of the road.

Queen of England, Elizabeth 2,  is also making an exit. They are going towards Buckingham Palace, escorted and by several horseman , and this is a marvelous scene. 

England's National anthem , " God Save the Queen" is being Played

The Queen of England, Elizabeth 2, will be listening the national anthem of England , " God Save the Queen"  with  pride and love. After this national anthem Kate and William, now bride and groom, will leave the place. 

Kate and William Leaving Westminster Abbey

Kate and William after the conclusion of their most awaited marriage ceremony are about to leave the venue. The music is being played and they are singing Jerusalem written by William Blake , and every body is quietly listening to it. There will be a hymn after this.

Lord Bishop of London Dr. Charter Gives Speech

Lord Bishop of London, Dr. Charter is now giving his speech. His speech according to royal marriage ritualistic tradition, came after a reading from Bible, New Testament , The Romans, by Kate's brother James.

Kate and William are sitting together listening to Lord Bishop. Lord Bishop is saying that marriage should transform the lives of Husband and Wife.
He is giving a religious sermon on marriage and everybody is looking at and listening to him intently.

He said that marriage helps each other in developing a deep self realization and promoting the evolution of spiritual life. Lord Bishop said that the day of this wedding is a day of hope , since every marriage actually brings a new hope with it. Lord Bishop described each and every marriage as a royal marriage and each bride as a queen and each groom as a king. Marriage should result in spiritual evolution to save the future of human existence.

Then he prayed God to grant everyone those  qualities that will enable people to live  a meaningful life.

Lord Bishop , in his most inspiring voice said that he felt happy, for whole world participated in this wedding .

The Archbishop of Canterbury is Taking Oaths

William amidst the vows and oaths to remain faithful and loving with his wife , has put the wedding ring in Kate's finger. The Bishop has wrapped a cloth around the hands of William and Kate. Now the coronation music has started , and now Kate and William are husband and wife.

Kate Arrives : Sarah Burton Designed the Dress

Kate has arrived Westminster , and now the music is being played, and choir is singing. Kate is moving towards the altar, in a beautiful dress, slowly, her father Michael is with her. Kate Middleton, Her father, Harry and William are standing together at the altar. Every one singing with the choir.

Marriage vows are being taken. 

The Queen of England is Entering the Venue

Queen's motor cad is entering the venue , along with Prince Philip. There is a huge cheer and applaud in the crowd, showing how people of England love the Queen. Queen of England may be is the only Queen remained on the face of this earth, enjoying the real stature of a Queen.

This wedding has shown that the nobility still has an upper edge , that no one from the house of commons can ever achieve. All the prime ministers of England appeared subordinated to the Queen and her majestic powers. Look at the way people are valued in this wedding .
The Queen is entering the Westminster Abey , and music is being played to honor her.

Motor Cad of the Royal Family is heading for Westminster Abey From Buckingham Palace

April , 29, 2011: 14:40 PST

Motor Cad of Royal family is heading towards the Westminster , these include Prince of Wales , Prince Charles, the father of William and Harry.  Prince Charles has arrived in huge applaud from the people. The motor Cad has four cars.

William and Harry are Going Inside the Westminster Abey

April 29, 2011 ,14:25 PST

Prince William and harry are now moving inside. Prince Harry is wearing his uniform of captain and William is wearing the uniform of  Colonel. The ceremony is to begin shortly. Diana's sister is also sitting close to the stage where the ceremony has to take place. Kate's mother has also arrived escorted by guards.

Prince William and Harry Arrived the Venue

April, 29, 2011: 14:15 PST

Prince William and Harry , in Blue and Red uniforms have arrived the venue in an electrifying environment . Guests have already arrived the venue of the most awaited Royal Wedding. Among the guests are famous musician Sir John Elton , who , when arrived the venue, received huge applaud from the noble gathering. Sir John Major, the Guardian of William and Harry, and ex prime minister of Great Britain,  also arrived the venue. Prime minister David Cameroon has also arrived the venue, amidst huge cheers.

Pml(Q) Accepted PPP's Propsal to Join Coalition

April, 29, 2011

PML(Q) accepted Pakistan People's Party's proposal to join the coalition government. PML(Q) .  According to the reports , PML(Q) has agreed to a power sharing formula according to which 5 ministers and 7 advisers and ministers of state will be from PML(Q).

Government has also stopped criminal investigations against Monis Elahi, Arbab Rahim , Jaam Yousuf and others. Arbab Rahim was the chief minister of Sindh when Benazir arrived in Pakistan and enjoyed a lot of power. However, he was manhandled in the Sindh Assembly two years ago by PPP members who slapped him.

Furthermore , there is an election coalition as well , and both parties will participate jointly in the next election.

This coalition is a an example of how PPP follows President Zardari's reconciliation startegy. 

Tornadoes and Rain Caused Havoc in the US: More than 250 Died

Friday April 29, 2011
Southeastern states of the US have seen one of the most devastating days of their history, when  tornadoesand thunderstorms caused havoc and widespread destruction leaving more than 250 people dead. Alabama state was the one most hardly hit by tornadoes , and there alone more than 190 people died of tornadoes that ripped through the state .

President Obama has declared emergency in troubled states increasing the aid money . He said that it will take a longer time to know the real extent of these damages. The government will continue to monitor these storms and will do everything to help those who are in trouble.In different states airports remained closed and flights delayed due to weather conditions.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

PML(Q) Favors New Provinces in the Punjab but Opposes Division of Sindh: Chaudhry Pervaz Elahi

Talking to the media, Chaudhry Pervez elahi reiterated his party's position on dividing the Punjab. According to him his party has a consensus over the point of establishing provinces in Southern Punjab and also favors Hazara province.

However he said that his party does not favor the division of Sindh. He further said that the establishment of new provinces in the province of Punjab is going to be among the points on which coalition partnership with the Peoples Party government will be based. 

On the other hand rivals PML(N) have also announced a policy on the issue of new provinces according to which such demands are present in each of the four provinces and should be addressed nationwide and not be restricted to the Punjab alone.

This statement came earlier after the demand from rival PML(Q) to make a Saraiki province in southern Punjab. This demand was supported by Prime Minister gailani , who was elected from southern Punjab region.

A member of influential Abbasi family , who were the rulers of Bahawalpur in the British Raj, has also demanded for a province in southern Punjab. However this demand is different in it that they are demanding to establish a province comprising areas of Bahawalpur region. This demand is in conflict with the demand for a greater southern Punjab Saraiki province.

Creation of Bourgeois Arab: The Second Greatest Revolution in the History of Arab

In Arabia, the traditional aristocracy has lost power , and a new elite is emerging. The scale of this revolution is second only to the revolution that Islam brought in the region 1400 years ago.

Before Islam , Arabs were living a tribal life , in which they were divided , but Islam united them to convert them into a great historical force. Centuries after the Islamic revolution , Arabs reverted to a conservative power structure and there were no signs of changing this culture. The revolutions of 19120's were not bourgeois revolutions , for they terminated in transfer of rule to Aristocrats who fought against Turkey.

However, recent revolutions in the Arab world changed the traditional conservative power structures , and people have gathered together, to bring about a revolution similar to the bourgeois revolution of France. Masses have joined hands to oust Aristocracy to create a democratic system in their countries. All the previous dictators were planted in the Middle East by the western forces , after the breakup of Turkey .

This new emerging face of Arab is like a new sun emerging on the horizon of Arabia. Arabs are very shrewed politicians , and in case they are given freedom they can bring about miraculous resolutions of longstanding political problems.

Even Israel will not be reluctant in accepting solutions coming from a democratic , bourgeois Arab. A bourgeois Arab is something of great consequences and in near future this revolution is going to show its aftermath to the world in the form of a new political and economic force entering the world scene.

The revolution is outstanding because no reign of terror is observed, as it was observed in the French Revolution. No guillotines  no persecutions , and aristocracy is voluntarily leaving the rule; except in Libya where Gaddafi is still defiant.

Muslim Functional Leader Ali Mohammad Dahri Killed in Firing in Nawabshah

Muslim League Functional leader, Ali Mohammad Dahri is shot dead in district Shaheed Benazirabad , Nawabshah. Markets were closed after this incident .

Aamir Khan Shoots Live in Mumbai

Aamir Khan is known for his different from all approach . In his movie Dhobi Ghat , in which he played the role of a painter, he shot scenes in real situations. Now he is doing the same for his new movie. He shot a scene near Bombay railway station , whereas , the camera was placed on a crane. The scene was of Aamir Khan chasing a criminal. Aamir Khan is playing the role of a Policeman in this movie.

Pakistan America Relationship: Pakistan did not Press on Afghanistan to End Cooperation with the US

The office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan, has denied reports that Pakistan pressurized Afghanistan to end cooperation with the US. Wall Street Journal published a report that Pakistan , China and Taliban are pressurizing Karzai government to end cooperation with the US in Afghan war. According this same report PM Gilani's recent visit to Kabul was a part of this campaign.

Foreign office said that Pakistan has always cooperated with America in Afghan war

Strained relationship between American CIA and Pakistani ISI are no hidden affair. The intensity of this conflict reached another level, when , according to News reports, American officials were advised to treat ISI people like Al Qaeda. It was also claimed that American Administration included ISI among 36 black listed organizations of the world.

CIA accuses ISI of supporting Taliban resistence in Afghanistan and they also suspect that ISI supports Al Qaeda.

Pakistan and America are trying hard to retain their bilateral relationships amidst rows on drone attacks in which almost each day dozens of Pakistanis including innocent people die. Pakistani opposition parties are already protesting against drone attacks. On 27th of April PML(N) agitated in the parliament and demanded that drone attacks should be restrained.

Imran Khan has just successfully concluded a two day long agitation blocking supplies to NATO .

Now according to the News reports Pakistan government has decided to use diplomacy to confront drone attacks. Pakistan is likely to contact UN on this issue, for they believe that SC resolutions don't give forces the mandate to attack inside the territory of Pakistan.

Pakistan secretary for the ministry of foreign affairs , Salman Bashir earlier this week, expressed the discontent of his government over drone attacks by saying that such attacks are of no use. On the other hand American envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan Grossman , ensured that Pakistan's prestige will not be harmed through any action.

Furthermore, the new envoy also reiterated that America wanted to work with Pakistan for the restoration of its economy. Pakistan is on IMF loan and already the macroeconomic indicators of the economy are signalling red.The country is suffering from serious energy crisis and World Bank has also warned against an unprecedented surge in prices.

Pakistan's relationship with America were threatened last month when an American citizen Raymond Davis shot to Pakistani's to death in the city of Lahore.

A navy bus, third in a row this week, was hit by a bomb planted on the road in Karachi, leaving three dead and 15 injured. The incident took place at the site of Karsaaz bridge on Shahrah-e-Faisal in Karachi. According to the news reports a lady doctor, a lieutenant and a civilian were killed in the incidence.

Earlier, two Navy buses carrying Navy staff in Karachi, hit by terrorists . Four , including two Navy officers one lady doctor and one civilian contractor died in these attacks.Almost 56 persons were reported injured who received treatment in different hospitals.These attacks were carried out in two different places in the city of Karachi simultaneously .

President and Prime Minister condemned these attacks. A Baluchistan based liberation organization accepted the responsibility calling it a reaction of political workers' murder in Baluchistan.

Earlier this week , a bus taking passengers to Peshawar from Quetta was burned at Sibbi, in which 15 people burnt alive inside the bus.

Politician generally accuse Pervez Musharraf's regime for this unrest in Baluchistan, and they stress that the feelings of privation in Baluchistan people , should be properly addressed.

Pakistan government also involves India in Baluchistan unrest , and these incidents can have an impact on recent trade talks. These incidents can harm the confidence level in the two countries required to sign a meaningful agreement. 

Film Actress Mera Accuses Mahesh Bhutt of Slapping her to Finish her Career

According to Mera, Mahesh Bhatt slapped her and finished her film career. According to her, when she was at the shooting site of her film Nazar, Mahesh Bhatt slapped her , for she went to see Sughash Ghai. And this ended her career in Bollywood.

Mahesh Bhatt , on the other hand denied these allegations and said that he has never done anything of this sort.

ISI Tempering with the Electoral Process: Ahsan Iqbal

Ahsan Iqbal, leader of PML(N) accused ISI of tempering with the electoral process. According to him security agencies should not be involved in politics by anyone, for it amounts to harm the national interest.

On the question of providing concrete evidences, PML(N) has claimed that they will be producing evidences in an in-camera session of the parliament.

Prime Minister Gilani has assured that in case concrete evidences are provided, government will take serious action against any design of involving security agencies in politics. He said that ISI is working under the directions of the government and government can hold them accountable for anything done against the mandate given to them by the constitution.

Chief Minister of Sindh, Qaim Ali Shah praised ISI for serving the country better than anyone else.

Census Completed in Karachi, Likely to be Completed in the Country by 5th of May, 2011

According to the authorities responsible for conducting census in Pakistan, the work has been almost completed in the city of Karachi, and is likely to be completed by 5th of May, in the country.

This census was considered as controversial, for its result can affect electoral process. However, government has successfully created a consensus and the process is swiftly underway towards completion.

Sialkot Police Claims Arrest of those Behind Threatening Calls to Zulqarnain

According to a report published in news papers, Sialkot police arrested around 8 persons who were involved in gambling on cricket matches.

Police recovered more than 200 mobile phones and ammunition from the arrested men. According to the police sources arrested persons have accepted that they made threatening calls to wicket keeper Zulqarnain Haider.