Monday, April 25, 2011

Passenger Coach En route to Quetta from Peshawar Set on Fire: At least 12 Burnt Alive

According to conflicting witnesses,  a passenger bus , en route to Quetta from Peshawar was set on fire by unknown terrorists when it was stopping in the Sibbi area, causing at least 12 to die and leaving more than a dozen including children badly injured.

According to some witnesses, and investigations are still underway, people sprinkled petrol on the bus and then set it on fire , burning all those who were sitting inside alive, and leaving some badly injured.

In case the incident turned out to be a terrorist activity then it may be connected to other Such incidents frequently happening in the Baluchistan region, mainly aimed at threatening non Baluchi people living in Baluchistan region.

Non Baluch population have almost vacated Quetta , and may be the unfortunate coach was taking the victims out of Baluchistan.

This happened a few days after the statement from the Army Chief that Pakistan Army is not going to participate in any action in Baluchistan.

Pakistan government in the recent cricket diplomacy meeting between the Prime Ministers of Pakistan and India in Mohali, on the occasion of the World cup Semi Final , recoded their protest pointing towards Indian involvement in Baluchistan.

In his recent visit to Kabul , prime minister Gillani raised this issue with president Karzai as well.

This kind of incident can damage the most desirable and progressing India Pakistan relations, in case Pakistan continue to believe Indian involvement in Baluchistan.

Indian is planning to export petroleum goods to Pakistan and such planning is underway in New Delhi. Furthermore, Pakistan government is also planning to increase bilateral trade.

The people on both sides of the boarder want good relationship between the neighbors but each time something happens that harms confidence building measures.

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