Friday, April 22, 2011

Future of Pakistan America Relationships

Pakistan and America are trying hard to retain their bilateral relationships amidst rows on drone attacks in which almost each day dozens of Pakistanis including innocent people die.

Pakistan secretary for the ministry of foreign affairs , Salman Bashir has expressed the discontent of his government over drone attacks by saying that such attacks are of no use. On the other hand American envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan has ensured that Pakistan's prestige will not be harmed through any action.

Furthermore, the new envoy has also ensured that America wants to work with Pakistan for the restoration of its economy. Pakistan is on IMF loan and already the macroeconomic indicators of the economy are signalling red.The country is suffering from serious energy crisis and World Bank has also warned against an unprecedented surge in prices.

Pakistani opposition parties are already protesting against drone attacks.

Pakistan's relationship with America were threatened last month when an American citizen Raymond Davis shot to Pakistani's to death in the city of Lahore.

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