Friday, April 29, 2011

Patraeus' Appointment As CIA Chief: CIA will Focus Pakistan and Afghanistan

General David Patraeus' is going to take charge as the new CIA chief , in September 2011. Given the recent past of Patraeus, it is very easy to see that CIA will now focus mainly on Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Patraeus has been involved in the war since 2007, when President Bush made him the commander of forces in Islamabad.

Patraeus is now commanding forces in Afghanistan , and it is because of knowledge of the regions , that he is made CIA chief. Furthermore, being the commander of foces in Afghanistan, he must have a vision for what military has to achieve there, and what are the impediments in achieving these aims.

General Patraeus is known to have basic differences with CIA on the priorities. CIA mostly follows AL Qaeda , and don't have the knowledge of Taliban. On the other hand , being an Army Commander, he had to deal with Taliban all the time, and this had given him opportunity to know a lot about the enemy.

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