Thursday, April 28, 2011

A navy bus, third in a row this week, was hit by a bomb planted on the road in Karachi, leaving three dead and 15 injured. The incident took place at the site of Karsaaz bridge on Shahrah-e-Faisal in Karachi. According to the news reports a lady doctor, a lieutenant and a civilian were killed in the incidence.

Earlier, two Navy buses carrying Navy staff in Karachi, hit by terrorists . Four , including two Navy officers one lady doctor and one civilian contractor died in these attacks.Almost 56 persons were reported injured who received treatment in different hospitals.These attacks were carried out in two different places in the city of Karachi simultaneously .

President and Prime Minister condemned these attacks. A Baluchistan based liberation organization accepted the responsibility calling it a reaction of political workers' murder in Baluchistan.

Earlier this week , a bus taking passengers to Peshawar from Quetta was burned at Sibbi, in which 15 people burnt alive inside the bus.

Politician generally accuse Pervez Musharraf's regime for this unrest in Baluchistan, and they stress that the feelings of privation in Baluchistan people , should be properly addressed.

Pakistan government also involves India in Baluchistan unrest , and these incidents can have an impact on recent trade talks. These incidents can harm the confidence level in the two countries required to sign a meaningful agreement. 

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