Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding: A summary of the proceedings

Guests started coming, and it was a marvelous site to see celebrities, politicians, dignitaries and royal guests coming to the venue. Among the guests were famous musician Sir John Elton, who, when arrived the venue, received huge applaud from the noble gathering. Sir John Major ex prime minister and the Guardian of William and Harry after the death of their mother the beloved princess Lady Diana,   also arrived the venue. Prime Minister David Cameroon was also among those guests who received special reception from the crowd. Mr. and Mrs. David Beckham and Rowan Atkinson, Mr. Bean, were also among the guests, and remained the focus of attention. All these guests and others entered the venue, amidst huge cheers.

Prince William and harry came in a Royal car on which there was a golden crown fastened on the front above the wind screen. Prince Harry was wearing his blue elegant uniform of captain and William was wearing the red uniform of Colonel. Diana's sister was also sitting close to the stage where the ceremony had to take place. William talked to his aunt and smiled.Kate's mother also arrived escorted by guards, shortly after Harry and William.

The crowd was really enthusiastic when they saw the motor cad of Royal family heading towards the Westminster. Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, the father of William and Harry was there, and when he arrived he received a huge applaud from the people.
When the Queen's motor cad entered the venue, along with Prince Philip, there was a huge cheer and applauds in the crowd, showing how people of England loved the Queen. Queen of England is the only Queen remained on the face of this earth, enjoying the real stature of a Queen.

This wedding has shown that the nobility still has an upper edge, that no one from the House of Commons can ever achieve this stature and status. All the prime ministers of England appeared subordinated to the Queen and her majestic powers. Looking at the way people are valued in this wedding by the crowd, it became manifest that Royal family is still the main attraction for the people of England.

When the Queen entered the Westminster Abbey, music was played to honor her. When Kate
arrived the Westminster the choir was singing. Kate moved towards the altar, in a beautiful dress, slowly, her father Michael was with her. Kate Middleton, Her father, Harry and William were then stood at the altar together and everyone was singing with the choir.

Then the time came when in a conventional Christian manner Man and Woman took oaths to remain faithful and loving to each other. Kate was looking at William and she was looking awe-fully beautiful and gorgeous. 

William then, amidst the vows and oaths to remain faithful and loving to his wife ,  put the wedding ring in Kate's finger. The Bishop according to the tradition wrapped a cloth around the clasping hands of William and Kate. And then with the coronation music ringing Westminster, Kate and William became husband and wife.

.Kate and William then sat together and listened to the Lord Bishop. Lord Bishop of London, Dr. Charter’s speech came after a reading from Bible, New Testament, The Romans, by Kate's brother James.
Lord Bishop’s speech was actually a religious sermon on the subject of marriage. He said that marriage should transform the lives of husband and wife.
After this a few hymns were sung and then poet William Blake’s famous poem Jerusalem was sung. The music was being played and Kate and William and all others were quietly listening to it. .
The Queen of England, Elizabeth 2 and other guests than sung the national anthem of England, “God Save the Queen" with pride and love. After this national anthem Kate and William, now bride and groom would leave the place. 
Kate and William exited Westminster, in a stately manner. They exited Westminster amidst the cheers of the crowd. Both Kate and William were waving hands to the crowd. William the Future King and his wife Kate , the Queen of England, received lots and lots of love from the people standing on either side of the road.

Queen of England, Elizabeth 2, then exited Westminster Abbey with her husband Philip. They went towards Buckingham Palace, escorted by several horsemen, and this was a marvelous scene. 
Finally, according to English tradition, William and Kate came to the balcony of Buckingham Palace, where thousands of people were waiting for them. They were waving hands to these people and people were cheering them. There was a lot of noise, and there were so many people beneath the balcony.

William was in colonel's red color uniform, and Kate was wearing her wedding dress designed by fashion designer, Sarah Burton. Kate and William received so many titles on their wedding day from the Queen.  

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