Saturday, April 30, 2011

Burlap Bags: the Only Belonging of the Killer

The only belongings of the alleged serial killer found by the police are burlap bags used to carry the victims for dumping. These bags can lead the police to the brutal serial killer of Long Island .

These bags show that the killer is a professional killer and not an ordinary person, for the idea of using burlap bags to dump bodies of the victims cannot occur to the mind of a non professional. Burlap bags are used worldwide by gangs and mafias to dump the bodies of victims. Mafias and gangs kill snitches and rivals , and dump their bodies in burlap bags.

The reason usually is they don't want vultures to gather above and around the corpse to reveal the presence of a dead body in the area.

The serial killer may have a criminal record, for this type of lust for murders and such a professional attitude cannot result from a sudden attack of madness, though there is no doubt that this person is mad.

One thing is established that he murdered according to a plan, and his act was not altogether impulsive. Another question is whether or not he kept victims as hostages for some days or for some time and then killed them. 

Use of burlap bags for dumping victims is a common practice among gangsters and secret agencies. The purpose is  to avoid postmortem humiliation of a corpse , to prevent the corpse from vultures . For vultures can  gather above a corpse in great numbers, revealing the presence of a dead body. This gives the idea that the murderer is a professional killer, not an ordinary man.

Now the question is what is the motive behind these murders? Surely this man has a deranged mind . Possibly avenging some kind of humiliation that he received from the society.So this man chooses defenseless victims; Prostitutes , who can easily be victimized. His method of killing demands a victim of a lesser physical strength.May be he kills when he does not have the money to pay , or he kills because he has a plan to kill?

This murderer chooses small girls, which shows that he knew his victims prior to meet them. For he obviously selects his victim. Another question is how many prostitutes he meets before killing one. Or he kills all those prostitutes who visit him? His plan never fails?

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