Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WikiLeaks Reveal Involvement of a Montreal Mosque in Terrorist Training and Recruitment

The chairman of the Muslim Council at Montreal denied the reports that a Mosque in Montreal was used as a training and recruitment center for Al- Qaeda to plan attacks on the US. This was reported in a secret document appeared on the website of Wiki Leaks last weekend.
According to the documents leaked, there was a person, Salahi, who was suspected for having ties with the alleged millennium bomber, Ressam, who planned an attack on the US.
This same person allegedly stayed in Montreal in the said mosque and was , according to the documents , involved in recruiting hijackers for 9-11 attacks.
Salahi, according to the document accepted his role in the Afghan war in the times of Soviet invasion, but he denied ant later involvement with any of the terrorist organization.
However, the Mosque Imam has denied any ties with terrorist organizations.

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