Friday, April 22, 2011

Gambling Club Bombed in Karachi

A gambling club, one of the largest in Karachi, where gambling is not a legal activity, was bombed , leaving more than 15 dead and 40 seriously injured.

The club was located in the old city, one of the most heavily populated areas in the city. The explosion wrecked the walls and the widows of the residential buildings and people came out of their homes.

Police has started investigating the matter and claimed that they will soon grab the the mastermind behind the bombing.

The old city area of Karachi including Lyari is already disturbed by years long mafia war. The area is also famous for its boxing and football stars . However, for past few years Lyari people are in deep trouble owing to the gang wars, drug trafficking and political target killing. Local MPAs and MNAs are not able to caress people's woes despite their promises to bring peace to the area.

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