Friday, April 29, 2011

Lord Bishop of London Dr. Charter Gives Speech

Lord Bishop of London, Dr. Charter is now giving his speech. His speech according to royal marriage ritualistic tradition, came after a reading from Bible, New Testament , The Romans, by Kate's brother James.

Kate and William are sitting together listening to Lord Bishop. Lord Bishop is saying that marriage should transform the lives of Husband and Wife.
He is giving a religious sermon on marriage and everybody is looking at and listening to him intently.

He said that marriage helps each other in developing a deep self realization and promoting the evolution of spiritual life. Lord Bishop said that the day of this wedding is a day of hope , since every marriage actually brings a new hope with it. Lord Bishop described each and every marriage as a royal marriage and each bride as a queen and each groom as a king. Marriage should result in spiritual evolution to save the future of human existence.

Then he prayed God to grant everyone those  qualities that will enable people to live  a meaningful life.

Lord Bishop , in his most inspiring voice said that he felt happy, for whole world participated in this wedding .

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