Thursday, April 28, 2011

PML(Q) Favors New Provinces in the Punjab but Opposes Division of Sindh: Chaudhry Pervaz Elahi

Talking to the media, Chaudhry Pervez elahi reiterated his party's position on dividing the Punjab. According to him his party has a consensus over the point of establishing provinces in Southern Punjab and also favors Hazara province.

However he said that his party does not favor the division of Sindh. He further said that the establishment of new provinces in the province of Punjab is going to be among the points on which coalition partnership with the Peoples Party government will be based. 

On the other hand rivals PML(N) have also announced a policy on the issue of new provinces according to which such demands are present in each of the four provinces and should be addressed nationwide and not be restricted to the Punjab alone.

This statement came earlier after the demand from rival PML(Q) to make a Saraiki province in southern Punjab. This demand was supported by Prime Minister gailani , who was elected from southern Punjab region.

A member of influential Abbasi family , who were the rulers of Bahawalpur in the British Raj, has also demanded for a province in southern Punjab. However this demand is different in it that they are demanding to establish a province comprising areas of Bahawalpur region. This demand is in conflict with the demand for a greater southern Punjab Saraiki province.

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