Friday, April 22, 2011

Electricity Shortfall Rises to 5000 megawatts

According to Pepco, electricity shortfall has risen above 5000 MW, with 10 power production units on Tarbela are not working. This will increase woes of people who are already suffering a 10 to 18 hour's load shedding schedule.

The government has announced that its power units in Chashma and Karachi will start working by the August of 2011. These units have a power generation capacity of around 1000MW. This does not seem a meaningful increase in power generation capacity, keeping in view the recent 5000MW shortfall, yet in the month of August when almost all dams are full and power units are working at the top of their capacity, this increment can reduce the amount of load shedding to a considerable amount.

In Pakistan, industrial and domestic consumers are heavily suffering from power outage problems and there is no end to their woes.

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