Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WikiLeaks Allegedly Reveal the Person Behind the killing of 11 French Engineers in Karachi in 2002

It may be a coincident that two navy buses are attacked by the terrorists in Karachi on the same day when WikiLeaks revealed that an MI6 informer, who was also an Al-Qaida Terrorist , was involved in an attack on a Navy bus in Karachi in 2002, killing 11 French engineers.
That was high a profile case for both France and Pakistan and investigations in Pakistan concluded that there was a big commission received by the officials in the deal. However, no link of this commission issue was established by any investigation in Pakistan to the bombing of the Navy bus, killing 11 French citizens in Karachi.

In France the families of the killed engineers pursued the case and it was revealed that some part of the funds was utilized in the election campaign of Edouard Balladur, who fought against Chirac in 1995. The present president Sarkozi was his campaign manager. Moreover Sarkozi was managing the budgets when the Agosta deal was signed.
Both Sarkozi and Balladur denied these allegations.

According to WikiLeaks, Mr. Hamili, who was detained in 2003 and was sent to Guantanamo, was allegedly involved in 2002 bombing of a bus in which 11 French engineers were killed.
He was also linked with MI6 and Canadian intelligence agencies as an informer.

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