Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Priam to Meet Achilles: Reports of Manmohan Calling General Kyani for a Secret Meeting

Just as in Homer's Iliad  King Priam of Troy  met Achilles , the Prime minister of India according to News reports has shown an intent to meet General Pervez Kyani.

Pakistan and India have a long standing dispute over Kashmir, the Helen of Troy , of a valley.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has initiated a peace process about which people are still uncertain keeping in view the history of Military impact on India Pakistan relationship.

In 1999 , when Nawaz Sharif and Vajpaye started the peace process, it was General Musharraf who , attacking Kargil cut it short.

International leaders functioning as arbitrators between India Pakistan , have always reckoned Army as the chief impediment in achieving these goals.

This shows that this time Priam has to meet the Achilles, to ensure peace in the region.
The core of military educational values in India and Pakistan is inspired from the traditional rivalry that fills the soldiers on the two sides with enthusiasm and courage necessary for them. It is from this enmity that  the soldiers draw their inspiration and courage.

So, changing this means to appease soldiers on both sides, to divest them off their basic education and belief.

This however cannot be achieved without changing the educational curriculum for military in which both countries claim each other as the greatest enemy on the earth. 

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