Sunday, April 24, 2011

Power Shortfall reaches a Record 6500 as Temperatures Rise to High Forties

Owing to the lack of water in the reservoirs and high demand of electricity in the summer, the power shortfall has risen to a record 6500.

Adding to the woes of power shortage stricken people, Pakistan , especially the plain areas of Sindh , Punjab and Baluchistan are under the sway of a heat spell with temperatures gradually rising to high forties in Larkana and adjacent areas.

This spell of heat is likely to continue for another 3 days causing snow melting on mountains, which will result in significant increase in water level in reservoirs. This can result in increase in power production reducing load shedding hours throughout the country.

At the end of this week it is likely to rain in certain areas , though not including the plain ares which are likely to remain hot and dry for next week.

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