Friday, April 29, 2011

Pml(Q) Accepted PPP's Propsal to Join Coalition

April, 29, 2011

PML(Q) accepted Pakistan People's Party's proposal to join the coalition government. PML(Q) .  According to the reports , PML(Q) has agreed to a power sharing formula according to which 5 ministers and 7 advisers and ministers of state will be from PML(Q).

Government has also stopped criminal investigations against Monis Elahi, Arbab Rahim , Jaam Yousuf and others. Arbab Rahim was the chief minister of Sindh when Benazir arrived in Pakistan and enjoyed a lot of power. However, he was manhandled in the Sindh Assembly two years ago by PPP members who slapped him.

Furthermore , there is an election coalition as well , and both parties will participate jointly in the next election.

This coalition is a an example of how PPP follows President Zardari's reconciliation startegy. 

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