Thursday, April 28, 2011

Creation of Bourgeois Arab: The Second Greatest Revolution in the History of Arab

In Arabia, the traditional aristocracy has lost power , and a new elite is emerging. The scale of this revolution is second only to the revolution that Islam brought in the region 1400 years ago.

Before Islam , Arabs were living a tribal life , in which they were divided , but Islam united them to convert them into a great historical force. Centuries after the Islamic revolution , Arabs reverted to a conservative power structure and there were no signs of changing this culture. The revolutions of 19120's were not bourgeois revolutions , for they terminated in transfer of rule to Aristocrats who fought against Turkey.

However, recent revolutions in the Arab world changed the traditional conservative power structures , and people have gathered together, to bring about a revolution similar to the bourgeois revolution of France. Masses have joined hands to oust Aristocracy to create a democratic system in their countries. All the previous dictators were planted in the Middle East by the western forces , after the breakup of Turkey .

This new emerging face of Arab is like a new sun emerging on the horizon of Arabia. Arabs are very shrewed politicians , and in case they are given freedom they can bring about miraculous resolutions of longstanding political problems.

Even Israel will not be reluctant in accepting solutions coming from a democratic , bourgeois Arab. A bourgeois Arab is something of great consequences and in near future this revolution is going to show its aftermath to the world in the form of a new political and economic force entering the world scene.

The revolution is outstanding because no reign of terror is observed, as it was observed in the French Revolution. No guillotines  no persecutions , and aristocracy is voluntarily leaving the rule; except in Libya where Gaddafi is still defiant.

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