Monday, May 9, 2011

America Demands Pakistan should Investigate Involvement of its Officials in Osama's Stay at Abbottabad

American senate Committee to probe on Osama's presence in Abbottabad that resulted in his murder by CIA, has called for a probe into the involvement  of Pakistani officials. According to the committee Osama's stay in Abbottabad is not possible without the help and involvement of certain elements and officials from Pakistani .

This demand , if America insists on it , can lead America Pakistan relationship towards another quagmire, from where the chances of its emergence are minimum. A British News Paper reported that there was a pact signed between Bush and Musharraf , according to which America could kill Osama inside Pakistan . However, the pact did not include that Pakistan could host Osama in one of its cities deliberately.

So, Osama's murder by CIA , as the British Media claims, was in accordance with the pact between Bush and Musharraf, but his stay was not agreed upon by the two parties. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Blast in Multan

According to Geo, TV news reports , a blast is heard in Multan, investigations are underway.

Firing on Religious Party's Rally in Karachi,

According to news religious party's organized a rally in Karachi, for the protection of Bahrain and Hermain Sharifain. However, at M.A Jinnah Road, rally was disturbed by the firing from unknown assailants.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Somalian Pirates Asking for Ransom for Indian and Pakistani Shipmen

According to what has been publishing in different newspapers and being said in T.V programs , a band of Somalian pirates who have kept Pakistani and Indian shipmen as hostages is asking for ransom to set them free. They are demanding more than US$ 2 millions and the families of Indian and Pakistani shipmen have arranged the amount they were supposed to arrange, but the Indian parliament leader K.D Singh is delaying the transaction.

According to an interview aired on Geo News tonight, Pakistani social worker Ansar Berni , who has helped the families of Pakistanis getting the required amount of US $ 600000, from charities and other resources, Indian parliament member K.D Singh is delaying the process through not providing US $ 500000 required for the freedom of Indian hostages. Rest of the US $ 1 million was to be provided by the ship owner who has already provided the amount.

According to Ansar Berni, lives of hostages are endangered because of this delay.

"Whereof One Cannot Speak Thereof One must be Silent": Pakistan America Relationship

According to American authorities , Pakistan and America relationship are of complex nature. America cannot terminate the aid for Pakistan and neither they want to harm relationships with Pakistan. American media does not get tired of saying that Pakistan army and ISI are taking sides with terrorists; that Pakistan is playing a double game, and they are looking both ways. Yet American administration always comes to rescue Pakistan.

One example is of the recent raid to kill Osama bin Laden. The world is startled that how Osama was living near Abbottabad for last few years; Abbottabad the garrison city and Osama the most wanted person. Obama came to rescue Pakistan saying that it was with the help of intelligence provided by Pakistan , that CIA conducted the operation in Abbottabad resulting in Osama's death.

One can easily see why American administration always rescues Pakistan. The reason is no Pakistan means no control over the territory , for in the absence of Pakistan Army America cannot control Pakistani territories; Pakistan is not like Iraq or Afghanistan for so many reasons.

So, if they destroy Pakistan army, and remove Pakistani government, they will have to govern Pakistan on their own, they will have to send their army to Pakistan , which they don't want to do. For this they require an enemy's forces to be dumped in Pakistan; a country offering the most hostile environ in its Northern region. The only place America can control is the Indus valley , but the problem does not lie there; the problem is in the Northern region.

If Pakistan Army refuses to fight in the North Western Areas of Pakistan , even America can't do it. For they know how difficult it is to hold ground there, and to do it for a longer period of time. Furthermore, if they dismantle Pakistani machinery they are using in these areas , then what is the guarantee that anyone else can serve this purpose. Even India will not acquiesce to serve there.

Americans need Pakistan Army and Pakistan; Pakistan's failure is the failure of America, and its success is their success . And that is why American administration always comes to rescue Pakistan; but they also think that Pakistan is trying to play a double game.

The double game is to simultaneously control and worsen the situation. Most of the Americans believe that Pakistan wants to show and make the situation worse, erects thorny hedges around , so that no one else can even think of handling this situation on its own.Pakistan wants to keep America , India or any other power away from feeling that they can handle the situation on their own. So, Pakistan does not want the militants to weaken and thus always keeps the problem alive and ferocious. For some of the Americans the raison de etre for the Army of Pakistan and the state of Pakistan is its necessity and essentialness to maintain a control over its territories. If someone else can maintain it in a more economic manner , then the task will be given to that power. However, it is not possible for anyone else to do this ; neither India nor America can do this more economically and efficiently.

This leaves no choice then for Americans to leave Pakistan and its Army intact and working , to control the unruly territories that can create trouble for the civilized world.

One more thing is that Americans also want Pakistani people to progress and develop both socially and economically. Unlike their European partners , who have suppressed this will and goodly desire because of Indian pressure, Americans not only verbally express it but have always proved it. America is among the architects of Pakistan and American help has always rescued Pakistan from Economic troubles. Americans as always, rescued Pakistan from becoming a failed state in 1998, when only a meager amount left in their account. America is not an enemy, but a great friend of Pakistan, and also a working partner; and it is in it second role that Americans at times become strict.

These then are the complexities of Pakistan America relationship.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Helicopter Crashed Near Tarbela, Pakistan

according to Geo News , a Helicopter is crashed near Tarbela , Pakistan. 

The Dilemma of Pakistan : Abyss of Terrorism and Pakistan's Twofold Will

According to the News Reports , David Cameron has said that Pakistan will have to answer so many questions about Osama's presence in Abbottabad ; a military city and only 30 kilometers away from the Capital of Pakistan. Last year David Cameron accused Pakistan for looking both ways. And it is this accusation that this article intends to answer.

Pakistani President Asif  Zardari has denied that Pakistan is harboring terrorists on its land and he also reiterated Pakistan's will to fight against terrorism. Mentioning the fact that 30000 Pakistanis have died in the hands of terrorists since 2001 including 5000 soldiers, President Asif Ali Zardari tried to tell the world about what Pakistan has contributed in the war of terror.

There is no doubt that Pakistan will have to answer so many questions, almost everyone is raising such questions, but what David Cameron has asked in strategic terms , should first be asked in social terms . Rather than asking this question strategically , this question should be raised in a social manner.

The social manner of asking this question means to ask why Pakistani society is in a dilemma? Why Pakistani people are looking both ways? Why there are two mind sets in Pakistan , moving in different directions, one towards an abyss and the other out of the abyss. The first  question that should be asked is about the abyss itself? What then is this abyss, from which Pakistan is trying to come out and is also drawn towards it?

This( borrowing Friedrich Nietzsche's words) then is Pakistani society's twofold will: it is facing an abyss and it wants to come out of it and simultaneously does not want to lose its ground-losing ground means to fall into the abyss.For if in an effort to come out of an abyss, one does not look towards the abyss to hold his ground then one can slip and fall in it.

The abyss , the pit is of anarchy, terrorism, and whatever chaotic one can know in the world; this abyss is of an absolute chaos. So, those who want to push Pakistan into the abyss do not know that Pakistan will surely disappear into the abyss, but abyss itself will not disappear; pushing Pakistan back into the abyss will do nothing but increase the number of victims of those devoured by the abyss. This will only increase the terror and gravitational force of this abyss; the more it devours , the more it will attract, like a black hole , this abyss is ready to devour more and more.

This abyss was created to get rid of Soviet Union , and now it is ready to devour those who created it; Pakistan is to become the first victim of it. David Cameron and those who think that Pakistan is an enemy of the civilized world , for it is looking both ways, don't understand that Pakistan is facing the abyss of terror, and it is natural for Pakistan to see towards it, for it does not want to lose its ground,  and also outwards, because it wants to come out of it, so it is necessary for Pakistan to look both ways.

This twofold will , the giddiness of heart is something characteristic not only of Pakistani institutions, state, Army, but also of each and every individual living in Pakistan. That they are facing this abyss and they have to look both ways; they have to look downwards, to hold their ground, or they slip into it, and upwards , outwards , where they want to go .

And no one is throwing in a rope long enough to pull Pakistan out of it. rather than there are some people standing outside , throwing stones on Pakistan to make Pakistan a victim of this pit . They are afraid of looking into this abyss, and they think , it is because of Pakistan, since Pakistan is in it, they have to look at the abyss. And they resolve to throw the victim in and go away , to avoid looking into it ;but they don't know the gravitation force of this abyss; it attracts(it was made seductive by its creators). The only way to deal with this pit is that one should learn the art of coming out of it without losing one's ground, notwithstanding its attraction and seduction.

And Pakistan , it is the hope of all of us will learn and consequently invent the art of coming out of this abyss of terror and madness, and it is also hoped that no one will again dig such pits for others.

Pakistan's dilemma is a natural consequence of its own policies and what the West asked them to do during the last Afghan war. They sent Pakistan to Madrassah and trained Pakistan for terrorism, violence and anger. Pakistan wanted to go to the school like all others, but the Western fathers chose Madrassah for Pakistan. They converted Pakistan into a militant , though the half of this country remained outside this influence and remained sober and peaceful. Now the peaceful half is threatened by the militant half .Not as one is threatened by a stranger , an outsider; one is threatened by the person sitting next, by the person one himself is!

In case the militant half wins , and there remains no civilization in Pakistan, then it will be a loss for the whole world . No Pakistan means another uncivilized and unmanaged territory, bordering India and China, threatening their existence. India should be very concerned about it , and may be they are. For they know that the abyss is just in their neighborhood .

Prime Minister David Cameroon does not know what his predecessor , honorable Margarette Thatcher has done during her regime; how considerate she was towards this terror machinery and with what perfection she had created and nurtured this monstrous institution of terror. She did it to such a perfection that now it has become almost impossible to undo it. Even James Bond had helped her in achieving these aims-remember the movie Living daylights, and answer, have you banned it sir, as a pro jihad movie?.

Pakistan has to answer this question , that why Osama was there , right in front of their academy, but one cannot hold this as a reason to destroy Pakistan.