Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Why Pakistan slipped out of the US hands and ended up a Chinese Ally?

When the US was attacked by the terrorists, on 9-11, the US administration had only one  purpose in mind; to punish the perpetrators, and to bomb anyone who would like to protect them. They decided to take out the Taliban regime.

The Bush administration did the same, yet it threatened an important US ally on its way to Afghanistan.

General Musharraf had quoted Richard Armitage on many occasions saying that the US will bomb Pakistan back to the stone age." It was this threat that rooted a fear in the heart's of those sitting in Islamabad, and they decided to shift gears from then onward. 

Pakistan established partnership with China as a shield against US. Although Richard Armitage denied that he had ever used that sort of threatening language against Pakistan, that was unmistakably the point when Pakistan started fearing US more than it loved or trusted it as a patron nation!

Pakistan had always been a satellite state of the US; a state where no one from PM to the Army Chief was selected without the US consent. Where before brokering any deal with the army, the politicians needed the consent from Washington. Benazir Bhutto , the slain ex Prime Minister of Pakistan had clearly expressed once that Pakistani Prime Ministers needed US consent to be the chief executive. 

So, one could imagine how that threat from Armitage would have chimed in the Pakistani minds. Fearful and strange. And that allowed the Pakistani establishment to shield the country behind the emerging power of China! It was then that Pakistan signed the CPEC! 

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