Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Russian Dream to Enter Baluchistan is Coming True: The ISIS Attack on Quetta might Serve as a Pretext

Kremlin plays chess, and the West spectates as a silent observer! Russia has entered the world politics en-route the war on terror!

Not only the Western coalition under the US with its ME allies like Saudia, Turkey, and Qatar are eligible to fight terrorism, but Russia too is threatened by the existence of ISIS near its borders. 

Kremlin will interfere in any country that has the presence of ISIS, or the threat of terrorism, and that is the reason why Russia has offered help to Pakistan to fight terrorism in the wake of Quetta attack.
Russia can also set  foot in the Nangar Haar province of Afghanistan that borders Pakistan. This province has a threatening ISIS presence, mostly comprising Uzbek and Chechen fighters.
The attack on the police academy of Quetta is claimed jointly by ISIS and Lashker e Jhangvi. Lashker e Jhangvi is an anti Pakistan, anti Shia terrorist organization that had carried out the most heinous attacks on the soil of Pakistan. Although Lashker's top leadership was killed in a police encounter in the Pakistani province of Punjab last year, it had again resurrected. 

Lasker e Jhangvi and ISIS have the same agenda, and they have joined efforts against their common enemies; the Shias , and the State of Pakistan. The other organization that has allegedly joined the two is TTP, Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan; an avowed enemy of the State of Pakistan, and Shias. 

TTP had been operating inside Pakistan from Afghanistan, but after the US and Afghan forces pushed them out of Afghanistan the terrorists fled to Baluchistan. Baluchistan is the biggest province of Pakistan but has a little population, and swaths of unmarked territory and mountains. TTP, according to certain news reports, is hiding inside Baluchistan ready to attack Pakistan from there.

ISIS, according to a US general has almost established its Caliphate in Afghanistan on the borders of Pakistan. With all three anti Pakistan, anti Shia terror organizations gaining strength, the danger for Pakistan has increased multi-fold.

Russia and Pakistan have recently entered an agreement against terrorism, and they even performed joint anti terror exercises. It seems that Russia will help Pakistan in getting rid of these Terror organizations. According to certain analysts, these terror organizations are working to thwart CPEC, the Chinese Silk route that ushers at Gawadar Port in Baluchistan.

Though its a stretch , but Russian air craft Carrier, Kuznetsov,  is actually on its way to Baluchistan to help Pakistan. It might be another Russian interference in the world politics from a Western perspective. 

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