Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The New Role of Russia: Policing Chinese Economic Interests.

USA is a one in all superpower! Its the biggest military power, and its the biggest economy of the world.

USA guards its economic interests, and that of its allies in the Western Europe, almost single handed with its mighty naval power. USA Navy is bigger than all the navies of the world taken together, and it is distributed evenly on the globe.

China on the other hand is a rising economic power that doesn't have the military power to guard its interest on a global scale. These interests are largely economical, and comprise building new trade routes across the world. Chinese economy always had a network of silk routes across the globe, and the present day's Chinese government wants to revitalize those silk routes.

However, Chinese don't have the strategic power to do that, specially when the USA is not supportive of such projects. The West wants to restrain Chinese economic power, and to do this it has initiated a great game like strategy  to shut Chinese access to the world markets.

China can't fight the West alone. So what they did? They had an alliance with Russia to do the policing job for them. Now Russia is quite cleverly and efficiently performing this new role.

Russia has almost snubbed the European NATO allies through installing Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad. Western European countries like UK, Germany, France, and Italy have just silently escorted the Russian naval fleet off their waters. One important NATO ally , Spain is even going to refuel the Russian fleet.

The Russian fleet, on the other hand , might have a bigger than perceived agenda to meet. Mostly , it is believed that the Russian fleet is heading towards Syria! However, this doesn't seem true! Why Syria? Syria has already fallen to Assad,  Russia, and Iran alliance? Syria is already fortified enough!

The destination of the Admiral Kuznetsov might be somewhere else! It might be a place where Russia has to perform its policing role, and guard Chinese interests.

The Russian aircraft carrier is certainly no match to the US naval fleets. So , the Russian fleet is not on a collision course with the US navy! Certainly not! It is good only to fight a fourth generation battle with the terrorists! And the only place other than the Middle-East, where it can perform this duty is the Pak-Afghan region. So the Russian fleet will ultimately change its direction to Baluchistan to protect the CPEC from the terrorists.

ISIS leadership, according to the news reports is fleeing the ME battle field towards Afghanistan and Pakistan.
According to a US general, ISIS have almost established their so called Caliphate in the Nangarhaar province that borders Pakistan. Not only this, but according to other News Reports, ISIS has established collaboration with the Pakistan based terrorist organization. These organisations are responsible for carrying out the bleakest attacks of  the Pakistan history on Pakistani soil.

Pakistan is threatened with this alliance of evil, and now Pakistan has limited options left. Most of these terror organizations, ironically, have gathered in Baluchistan, where only a day ago they carried out a cold blood massacre in a police academy, and killed 60 cadets, and injured another 120.

The common perception in Pakistan is that these forces have gathered to thwart the CPEC project.

Putin has offered help to Pakistan to fight terrorism, and Pakistan is most likely to accept this help, for the countries already have such a pact between them. Russia and Pakistan performed a joint anti-terror exercise in Kashmir in the last week of September 2016.

The most important thing about these exercises was they were carried out despite enormous pressure from India. However, strangely, Russia declined Indian pressure and did the exercise with Pakistan in the disputed area of Kashmir. 

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