Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Upcoming Great Game of Baluchistan!

With all brands of anti-shia, anti-Pakistan terrorists amassing in Baluchistan under the dark canopy of ISIS, the day isn't looking faraway when this conglomeration of evil will announce Caliphate in Baluchistan, or in its certain parts.

Baluchistan is a vast land, mostly underpopulated and without proper infrastructure to establish state authority. It's barren mountains provide a safe heaven to all kinds of outlaws.

Baluchistan has its own native insurgency too, though it isn't that powerful. It is an insurgency from  a rebel group called BLA, or Baluchistan Liberation Front that is a dissident out fit. They have been fighting and conducting attacks on Pakistani armed forces, and non Baluch civilians.

It looks as if the evil conglomerate formed by ISIS, Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan, and Lashker e Jhangvi, will eventually announce their caliphate in one of the parts of the province of Baluchistan.

This will lead to clashes between the government forces on the one hand , and ISIS forces and BLA on the other hand. Though BLA and ISIS will not apparently stay united, and might have false flag attacks on each other, both will fight the same enemy: the state of Pakistan.

India already supports BLA, and US position isn't clear on this question. However, everyone reckons ISIS as a threat and enemy, so everyone would like to have an expressed stake in this war.

The more likely power that will directly influence this war is Russia. Russia is already in the region, and Russian presence on the Gawader port will be an added benefit to Pakistan. Furthermore, Iran has territorial stakes in Baluchistan, for Baluchistan province has extended deep inside the Persian borders.

The Middle Eastern states like Saudia, Qatar, and UAE will also plat a role in this war, but on which side, the time will determine. 

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