Monday, October 31, 2016

Putin's Threat of Tectonic Changes in the Region: Italy's Tremors and SURA

Putin certainly has not entered the war arena without  his destructive secret weapons.  The modern warfare cannot be won without its sorcerers.

The confidence with which Putin  is guiding Russia towards the status  of an influential super power , betrays that his strides towards his goal are well supported by secret weapons. These weapons include destructive Nuclear Missiles, Intelligence gathering tiny drones, space warfare weapons, cyber warfare, and robots. These are the ones Russian defense ministry has publicly claimed they posses, and there are those which they haven't confessed they have.

One such weapon is the Russian equivalent of American HAARP program, that is known for its capability to disturb the tectonic plates and cause earthquakes. The claims about the mythical powers of HAARP are usually discredited as hoaxes, yet there is some truth in these claims.

Russian technology and scientists are never behind the West. On the contrary , Russians are ahead of the West in many fields. One such field, for example is the space technology. Russia is far ahead of the world as far as the reach to the space is concerned.

Similarly, Russian equivalent of US HAARP , known as Sura,  might be far ahead of US expectations. Russia developed that program in 1981, and since then, despite many upheavals in the Russian society, economy , and politics, that program fared through successfully.

Russian program SURA is far ahead of US HAARP. It can certainly cause Earthquakes, and as Putin has put it, " Tectonic changes in the region.

It might be possible that Russia has been using this secret weapon to win the war with the West. In case the Vesuvius erupts, Italy will have no way left other than to surrender to Russia. Similarly, a volcanic eruption in Iceland can  potentially cause a great danger to the security of the Western Europe. The point to ponder is, what if it is Russia doing all this? For the world is right now undergoing an unprecedented Seismic activity. 

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