Monday, October 31, 2016

Mrs. Clinton Putin is Playing Chess Right Now!

How do you win a chess game? Through getting the king! And how do you make your opponent to resign? Through getting the queen! And United States has vested both these roles in the person of Hillary Clinton! And right now , Mr. Putin is after the king, and the queen too!

Putin is a master chess player, but let him don't win his desired piece on the board! The board is the world, and the piece is Hillary Clinton! He has played marvelously! He commissioned his hackers, just to divert the US intelligence agencies! But his main trick is to topple Hillary Clinton! To oust her from the presidential race!

If Hillary loses the race, he will have no opponent to resist his ambitions! He will win like Gary Kasprovitch used to win after 6 or at best 10 turns! Check and mate!

Are your ready to lose your game against Putin for he has played it beautifully? A defeat is a defeat, and one shouldn't lose a game to the beauty of the opponent! It is not a game of love! It is a war!

Putin misguided the US intelligence through hacking! However, his main move towards victory was his challenge to Hillary Clinton's candidacy! And now FBI doesn't even want to nominate Russia for the elections are too close to make such accusations! That's what Putin wanted!

If no probe is conducted against the Russian influence in the elections, Putin will be celebrating his victory in Kremlin on the election day! He had tricked America!

Why FBI is giving up probing against Putin's hand in the outcomes of elections? Do they not know that Putin plays chess? He wants the king! He wants to check mate the United States! 

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