Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pope John Paul II The Blessed's Miracles: Meaning of a Miracle from an Aristotelian Point of View

Pope John Paul II is said to perform 2 major miracles . One when a person who was shot in his head in Ohio, America recovered from an irreparable condition due to Pope John Paul II the Blessed'd prayers , and second when a nun recovered from Parkinson's disease miraculously due to the Blessed's intercession.

A miracle is an event for which one cannot give any rational explanation , and the only explanation can be given is in terms of the agency of a religious personality a saint or a prophet .

According to Aristotle , to know is to know the cause of something. So , if a person recovers from an injury caused by a pistol shot in the head, there must be some reason why that person recovered. Similarly , if a person recovers from a disease like Parkinson's disease, then there must be some reason why that person recovered. Scientific knowledge lies in knowing the cause for these recoveries.

Let us form a syllogism for these two miracles:

Parkinson's disease requires a factor 'A' for Recovery

In the Nun's case , the factor 'A' was present

therefore the Nun recovered from the Parkinson's disease

Now this middle term or common term , A, the factor required for the recovery from Parkinson's disease is the object of scientific knowledge. If someone claims the knowledge of  the recovery of the Nun from Parkinson's disease, that someone should know this factor A.

Scientists and Medicine experts examined the case of the Nun , and they were quite unable to find any reason for her recovery. So, "A" the middle term of the syllogism , and the necessary and essential condition for her recovery remained unknown. Now the only thing remained was that , since the Nun thought and believed that it was because of the intercession of Pope Paul II the blessed , that she recovered therefore, her recovery is attributed to this factor alone.

Hence, the "A" , the middle term, the necessary and essential connection between the disease and its recovery was the Blessed's intercession and nothing else.

Furthermore, the connection is also metaphysical, that is beyond the physical world.

That is why it is said that it was the miracle of the Blessed that his prayer caused the recovery from Parkinson's disease.

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