Monday, May 9, 2011

America Demands Pakistan should Investigate Involvement of its Officials in Osama's Stay at Abbottabad

American senate Committee to probe on Osama's presence in Abbottabad that resulted in his murder by CIA, has called for a probe into the involvement  of Pakistani officials. According to the committee Osama's stay in Abbottabad is not possible without the help and involvement of certain elements and officials from Pakistani .

This demand , if America insists on it , can lead America Pakistan relationship towards another quagmire, from where the chances of its emergence are minimum. A British News Paper reported that there was a pact signed between Bush and Musharraf , according to which America could kill Osama inside Pakistan . However, the pact did not include that Pakistan could host Osama in one of its cities deliberately.

So, Osama's murder by CIA , as the British Media claims, was in accordance with the pact between Bush and Musharraf, but his stay was not agreed upon by the two parties. 


  1. New strategy to deceive the people of Pakistan,everything is written in the script, now being played only. Pakistan is 100% involved in the killing of Osama. These puppets are now staging a drama to avoid the backlash which will never come because WE ARE NOT A NATION BUT A MOB.

  2. Musharaf is a escape goat for them!!! Can anybody tell me what is the difference among Musharaf,Zardari,Kyani and Shujah Pasha.By some means they are worst than him.

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