Sunday, May 1, 2011

Crashed Helicopter Was on Unusual Night Surveillance in Abbottabad

According to President Obama, and other sources, Osama bin Laden died in a combat between American forces and militants in Abbottabad, Pakistan. He was hiding in a home which was being observed by the secret agencies of Pakistan since last August. Abbottabad is a city in Khyber Pakhtonkhwah province of Pakistan. It is a city surrounded by high mountains , and is known as a military city, for there are many military buildings in the city.

Last night two American helicopters entered the area, and during the flight one helicopter was crashed.

Last night a helicopter was crashed in most unusual manner. According to news reports , the crashed helicopter was on an unusual surveillance in the region. The incident took place around 1. am , and it is very unusual that helicopters were flying in this area.

According to the citizens of Abbottabad, there were two helicopters flying over the area in an unusual manner. Then there were two smaller blasts, heavy firing followed by a bigger blast interpreted as a Helicopter crash.

People in the city are harassed by these unusual incidents in the late hours of night.

However afterwards it was found that American CIA conducted a covert action and killed Osama bin Laden who was hiding in a house in the residential area near the Military Academy of Pakistan Army.

Pakistani Taliban have vowed to avenge Osama's Murder and American Embassy in Pakistan, Consulates and Pakistan Army Educational institutions shall remain closed.

Army has cordoned off the area and security is on high alert through out Pakistan.

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