Sunday, May 1, 2011

Helicopter Crashed in Abbottabad, Pakistan, Near Military Academy of Kakool

May, 2, 2011
A big blast is heard near the biggest military academy of Kakool, in Abbottabad . People are saying that it is due to a helicopter crash near the Kakool academy's residential area. Security forces have surrounded the place and investigations are underway.

According to the eye witnesses two helicopters came , and then there were at least three blasts followed by a big one interpreted as a helicopter crash, near the hub of Pakistan Army.

People are also thinking about a drone attack.

Eye witnesses also claim that helicopters came at 12:35 a.m , and the bigger blast was heard around 1.15-1.20- a.m. According to some witnesses , the first helicopter, the one that crashed fell in the fields, near Abbottabad.

Army vehicles came within 5 minutes of the crash.

Some people suspecting a high value target of Al Qaeda was living there.



  1. Thomas, I wondered if you were kidding -- finally saw the ;-)


  2. Was this the raiding and killing of Ussama Bin Laden? Not a Helicopter crash but a rocket being launched at the building.

  3. It was the US helicopter crashing as part of the raid.

  4. Yes.. It's the death of Bin Laden

  5. This is the crash that Sohaib Athar (@ReallyVirtual on Twitter) heard in Abbottabad. It was one of the U.S. helicopters that crashed and then the U.S. troops (Navy Seals) blew it up to avoid the theft of any classified intel or technology on board.

  6. All took place quickly within several minutes. See map of location:

  7. "At May 2, 2011 1:18 AM , Blogger Thomas said...

    nah, nothing big ;)"


  8. It wasn't a crash. The helicopter landed, then they blew it up because it couldn't fly anymore and they wanted to protect its secrecy.

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  10. oooohh so sad...
    but was the reason of crashing???
    news like this is becoming a part of Pakistan News
    May Allah be pleased with them....

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